About Us

The story of DenArthur started with a passion for entrepreneurship and computer science. The name DenArthur actually comes from the CEO Ryan Simons’ two grandfathers, with middle names Denton and Arthur. It’s a nod to both sides of the family that inspired and passed on invaluable wisdom to him. 

Our global team of experts is led by our Lead Detective & CEO, Ryan Simons, with his squad of data engineers, architects, analysts, scientists, and business analysts, encompassing over 18 years of data management experience. 

DenArthur Analytics takes pride in providing secure, telecom-grade data warehousing solutions at affordable prices for medium to large companies, locally and internationally. Our portfolio spans the FinTech, Telecom and Distribution industries and includes some of the largest players in each space, requiring the strictest global security and data management protocols.

We love solving data mysteries. Data tells a story—more importantly, it can give laser-focused direction.


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What we've achieved

Here’s a snippet of what we have achieved during our history, with our squad of data engineers, architects, analysts, scientists, business analysts and developers, with over 18 years of telecom-grade experience.


Companies Who Work With Us

As Microsoft partners, we can help you move your computing workloads to the cloud. The days of buying a physical server and overspending are over. Additionally, the cloud also provides opportunities to secure your digital assets. 

Pecan’s platform puts the power of AI predictive modeling into the hands of non-technical business stakeholders and analysts. It is as easy to use as BI software, yet offers sophisticated predictive analytics based on what-if scenarios, providing users with a “look into the future”. Pecan’s drag-and-drop interface allows almost anyone to quickly build predictive AI models that normally require weeks, if not months, and with no data scientists.