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From the CEO

“We help companies get the real value out of the data they are accumulating daily” – Ryan, C.E.O.

Finally! Secure, telecom-grade data warehousing solutions at affordable prices for all medium to large companies. DenArthur Analytics Limited is a fully remote data management consultancy.

The company aims to help companies make better use of the data they are accumulating daily. Ryan Simons started DenArthur because he saw where analytics is a big game-changer, that accessing the data quickly is key and that companies are often making decisions on tiny morsels instead of the feast that exists. 

What makes the company special is the depth of experience it has operating in high-volume data environments and the level of support it is accustomed to providing to the senior management level.

The impact

Ryan’s professional background has always been heavily data-centric. According to his wife and COO, Shawna Malcolm Simons, Ryan started DenArthur because as a customer, he saw where the data is not readily available, updated, or being used.

He knew that a lot of companies locally are still paper-based and do not see the value in data analytics, data management, and digitization.

She believes what makes the company special is Ryan’s telecom-grade experience, along with the team he selects, his interpersonal skills, and how he relates to our clients.

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