Revolutionizing Caribbean Data Analytics: DenArthur Analytics’ AI-Driven Partnership with Findability Sciences Targets $40M Market

Findability Sciences and DenArthur Analytics sign partnership
(From left) Balaji Krishnamoorthy, executive vice-president, Findability Sciences; Anand Mahurkar, founder and CEO of Findability Sciences; Ryan Simons, founder and CEO of DenArthur Analytics; and Shawna Malcolm Simons, chief operating officer, DenArthur Analytics, share a photo op as they mark the formalisation of their newly signed partnership. (Photo: Horace Freeman)

DenArthur Analytics Limited, a leading telecom-grade data warehousing provider based in Jamaica, has proudly announced its partnership with the global AI solutions provider, Findability Sciences. This strategic alliance is set to revolutionize data analytics in the Caribbean by leveraging the data of regional corporations to boost productivity and innovation.

This partnership follows a successful collaboration on a project in Jamaica, where synergies between the two companies were identified. Findability Sciences, with its decade-long expertise in transitioning from data mining to AI and a strong presence in the USA, Japan, and India, brings a global perspective to the partnership. Meanwhile, DenArthur, led by founder and CEO Ryan Simons, aims to utilize Findability’s AI prowess to enhance data models that drive decision-making and foster sustainable growth for Caribbean companies in the global market.

Both companies are committed to using historic data to build data sets that provide predictive and prescriptive information, essential for decision-making and risk management. The partnership also focuses on customizing solutions for the Jamaican market, leveraging DenArthur’s deep understanding of local corporate needs. This collaboration is not just about technology but also about creating value from data, as emphasized by both CEOs, Ryan Simons and Anand Mahurkar.

As the partnership operationalizes, the companies have already received encouraging feedback from various corporates in the Caribbean. Their services, not limited to any specific industry, promise to be a game-changer in areas like telemedicine, agriculture, and finance. With a potential market of USD $40 million for AI services across the region, DenArthur Analytics and Findability Sciences are poised to maintain leadership in providing cutting-edge solutions and driving significant business growth in the region.

via Jamaica Observer

Findability Sciences and DenArthur Analytics sign partnership